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The Problem with Untreated Windows

Windows are important architectural features that allow natural light to brighten interior spaces during the day and provide occupants with sweeping views of their surroundings. However, windows are also the weakest point of a building. They are susceptible to breaking in the event of a natural disaster, bomb blast, or smash-and-grab crime. When windows break, they compromise the security of the building by allowing intruders to gain entry. The resulting flying glass shards also create a safety threat for occupants.

Security Film Keeps Occupants Safe

Safety and Security Window Films keep building occupants safe. These products make glass more difficult to break, hold shards together when a break does occur, and delay forced entry during an intrusion attempt. 3M has developed safety and security films for residential, commercial, and government applications.

Impact Protection Adhesive (IPA) Attachment Systems

Combining your safety & security film with an IPA attachment system offers top-tier protection for your home or commercial space. When superior security is required, IPA attachment systems can be used to anchor the filmed glass to the window frame. This preserves the building envelope to protect occupants even when the glass is shattered.


3M Scotchshield™ Safety & Security Films

Bright living room with windows covered by uv window film

Ultra Series

Protects occupants against intruders, smash and grab theft, natural disasters, bomb blasts, and more.

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Girl and dog looking out window with window insulation film

Ultra Prestige Series

Combines the security enhacements of the Ultra Series with the solar protection of the Prestige Series.

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Office conference room with night vision window film on windows

Ultra Night Vision

Combines the security benefits of the Ultra Series with the glare control and enhanced views of the Night Vision Series.

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Security Films for School Safety

Recent events across the country have brought attention to the need for enhanced safety measures in schools. Security film has been used as a critical aspect of an integrated school safety plan. These films can be applied to windows and doors to make it more challenging for armed intruders to gain entry to school buildings. By deterring entry, security window films give police and first responders more time to arrive on the scene and secure the area.


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